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Jiangsu Yabang medicine group is made the investment to set up by the Yabang chemical industry Corporation (Group), registered capital is 2.2 hundred million yuan, general assets are 6.2 hundred million yuan, account for terra is 30 ten thousand square meters. Collect researching and developing, production and trade to integrative. There are two medication graduate school at present, two medication intermediate factory, one animal medicine factory, four medicine factory, a lot of medicine company, chain (retail) company; There are more than 30 senior managerial person with ability, such as professor, post-doctor, doctor, master, etc. Mainly produce, deal in the raw materials medicine of Western medicine and big capacity injection, small capacity injection, troche, grain pharmaceutical, capsule pharmaceutical, take orally liquid, dripping eyes liquid, ointment pharmaceutical, Chinese patent medicine and traditional Chinese medicine sliced medicinal, etc. near ten thousands of varieties.

Group is in line with " based on talent, science and technology for first, quality for on, attach most importance to credit standing " tenet, hold “is it benefit market, develop altogether with market to let” ground of management, offer knight service to the greatness of clients.

Management theory:

"Based on talent, science and technology for first, quality for on, attach most importance to credit standing " we firmly no change management theory.

"The trade will act as first in China, the product will act as first in the world " we untiring pursuit.

" Development is an forced principle " is that we practise the cognitive truth.

" I for everybody, everybody for me " is that we walked to faith.

Group’s foreground of medicine-company is marked out:

Chinese and Western medicine, animal remedy, raw materials medicine, medical treatment instrument, health protection article, beverage ……Production get into the saddle; injection, troche…Various kinds of form of a drug are complete progressively; The material medicine wholesaling, retailing …Get on order; Common medicine, new special medicine, rely mainly on new, give attention to two or morethings management; A thousand people’s marketing, one hundred people’s new medicine research and develop, tempo is not loose; Elderly use medicine, common disease , many (of a disease)come on be taken bad, difficult to it main attack direction to use medicine to cure the disease.

Economic indicator:

Will sell 3 hundred million in 2003, profit 3000 ten thousand yuan.
Will sell 4 hundred million in 2004, profit 4000 ten thousand yuan.
Will sell 5 hundred million in 2005, profit 5000 ten thousand yuan.
Will sell 20 hundred million in 2010, profit 15000 ten thousand yuan.

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