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YABANG main (TECHSOL). dyestuffs solvent of intermediate and pigment the (TECHTHRENE), reduces (TECHCRON\TECHCEL), disperse to products are There ,etc.. S. Korea Japan , U.S.A. Europe as such regions countries developed exported 70% than more dollars), million hundred (2 yuan 15 over is amount sales annual tons, thousand ten 2 production all, in 12 value total assets there them, among 200 personnel technical scientific now, staff 1100 management, power importing command, its under businesses incorporated factories, subsidiary 13 have 2003, July established company) (specialized company limited>

The company as a means of capital in order to coupling the tie, in item investment, whole joint- venture source, floating of professionals, implement economic responsibility system etc. aspect implement macro-management to the member factory, set up and offer marketing integrating, goods aftertreatment for the member factory, the fund harmony and the technological service platform. Depend on scientific management, optimize the structure of enterprise, the structure of industry; Optimize assets dispose, develop large-scale economic try for assets, fund utilization ratio and enterprise’s economic benefits maximize. The company is that the first passes ISO9001 quality management system and dyestuffs producing enterprise of ISO14001 environment management authentication home, world first-class expert carries on new products exploitation and old products technological progress, introduce international advanced checkout equipment, products enjoy higher famous degree and reputation degree at home and abroad.

Target programming:

The dyestuffs specialized company is specialized companies that production, deal in the dyestuffs and intermediate. The main products add up to more than 100 varieties in order to disperse the dyestuffs, reduce the dyestuffs, three major series of solvent dyestuffs, disperse blue 60 among them, disperse red 60, disperse yellow 54,etc. products volume of production and marketing reach more than 50% of domestic and international markets, and find a good sale in Occident and Southeast Asia 30 more than countries and regions, " Yabang” the brand enjoys great prestige in the domestic and international markets.

Overall goal: In order to realize the continuance development stratagem, the overall goal will be by 2005; set up brands; depend on science and technology, talent’s resource advantage, strive for " the famous brand ", promote: Image and reputation degree in " Yabang".

Have the scale: Optimize and combine, form the large-scale production of the products in good time, make big and powerful, realize the scale advantage, create scale merit.

Open up the market: Develop the international market, insure more than 50% of selling of the products in other areas rate.

Implement the plan:

Integrate with the international dyestuffs market, strive for it with 1-2 international dyestuffs: " giant " jointly assets or unites Congress of Industrial Organizations to sell.

Extend the scale of dyestuffs aftertreatment, make its annual output reach the production capacity of 20000 tons.

Optimize enterprise resources, reform enterprise combination, set up 3-4 characteristic advantages, high quality and effect, with competitive power of branch’s enterprises.

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