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Good Havest Year Again
                                                          CEO of Group CO.,LTD: Yang Jian

From 2007, the company also entered a new round track of rapid development, production and management situation is gratifying. Sales, profit growth compared with last year were increased by 56% and 30% (1-3 quarter). Can be predicted, we can finish early plans in production and operation: sales 7.7 billion yuan and profits 300 million yuan.

Dye industry under the Listing requirements starts a new round of consolidation. Group and joint-stock companies invest more money and stake to the dye joint-stock company and two subsidiaries. Top Executives hold shares in the parent company, so that make the interest relationship between joint-stock companies,group and subsidiary more clear.And be conducive to dye industries listed as a whole, the company also deployed more preponderant troops to support the dye industry companies. Staff of group’s safety, environmental protection departments and deputy chief executive Liu Peixing all work in dye joint-stock company, to protect their listing. I believe the company after a new round of consolidation will be more dynamic; production and operation will be on to a new level; the benefit list as soon as possible for listing.

Paint industry is more optimistic. Maleic anhydride production in short supply. UPR resins expand the production scale of a further expansion. Zhangzhou Yabang”s production scale expand from 55,000 t /a to 110,000 t /. Linjiang production area is also busy expanding production. In order occupate more resin market of the country, and be conducive to digest and absorb maleic anhydride and the future styrene products, they pay attention to the sale of final product UPR. Under Zhang Wenjun, the chairman’s the stringent requirements, resin sales target in 2008 has been achieved under the relevant units and responsible person. A rainy day, planning first, and never ready to fight the battle without any preparation is not his style.

By the end of 2007, pigment industry's development is an extraordinary year. Niutang production areas, Linjiang by chemical-producing areas of governance and environmental restrictions rows of increasingly stringent requirements. Nevertheless, the Xuancheng, Anhui phthalocyanine blue continued to break the record of production and management which created a remarkable performance and the trend of development in business.

2007 year is Pharmaceutical industry‘s emancipated year , in reducing losses. They pressure-driven, weight-bearing advance out of its predicament, I believe the pharmaceutical industry will be getting better, getting stronger in future.

Engage in real estate intensely demolition, for the smooth opening of the second phase project and work hard.

Pharmaceutical logistics of this year have great progress.Win 500 acres of land targets, project planning in place of the more successful pharmaceutical companies in joining, and so on.

Good news came: On August 20, "Yabang" trademark was identified as the Chinese well-known trademarks by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce This is result which get the industries, market, social’s agreement by the lasting efforts but also a huge success which signs that a change from labor-intensive brand to technology brand. Science and technology create brands, brand enhance value! Good news came frequently: Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was identified as the national high-tech enterprise group by the National Science and Technology which is the icing on the cake! Congratulations!

From 2007,group applied a total of 15 invention patents, authorized inventions patents 9. So far, the group declared a total of 50 patents, of which 44 invention patents, patent appearance 6; drafting industry-standard 10, seven of them developed, revised 3. Have their own patented technology and the core of the intellectual property rights.

Always have the opportunity to come in ready-minded, on November 18, 07 Group purchase successfully Changzhou Guanghui Chemical Co., Ltd which is Jiangsu famous painting production enterprises,. Their products have a high awareness and market share, With a company platform and influence, I believe we can make a more brilliant and dazzling Guanghui brand……

2007 harvest year! Congratulate Yabang.

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