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New Yabang, New Goal
                                                 Chairman of Group CO.,LTD:Xu Xiaochu

Since its establishment,Yabang have highlighted the two slogans for ten years:First, tens of billions Yabang, a hundred years Yabang;Second, to be No.1 in its field in China,to be No.1 in products in the world.

Tens of billions Yabang; A hundred years Yabang.

Tens of billions Yabang.In 2007,Yabang Group’s can be more than 90 billion.Next year,there is no suspense that Yabang will become the tens of billion Yabang.

A hundred years Yabang. Neither family enterprises, nor private enterprises. We ensure "Yabang" the health and vitality in the enterprise system and regulations. Dye for domestic listing, paint for listing abroad may have been looking forward to. Through listing, we will expand enterprise, introduce superior mechanism, and accept public supervision to improve the enterprise level. With a new outlook and advantages of good foothold, Yabang will stand in the world's enterprises forest. "Yabang century", not wishful thinking

To be No.1 in its field in China,to be No.1 in products in the world.

Being No.1 in its field in China is bigger. In both production and sales,Yabang Dye,Yabang paint is in the top-class in China counterparts. "Yabang dye," "Yabang coatings" "Yabang paint" access to national well-known trademarks.In particular,Yabang dye is the sole Chinese dye which get the international well-known trademark. This reflects the industry's approval towards the Yabang dye’s scale and brand.

Being No.1 in products in the world is better.The main products in Yabang dye--disperse red, yellow, blue, with the exception of disperse red a slight distance, the yellow and blue is the No.1 in the world long time ago.

The main products in Yabang paint-- unsaturated polyester resins and maleic anhydride are in the top-class in Asia,also very close to the No.1 in the world.

If we say that the early products of the Yabang Group - dyes, paints are spured with long accumulation,the latter industries-- medicine, real estate, logistic are developing at a more rapid rate under the strong support of the industries dye and paint.

10 years later, what kind of mentality and attitude Yabang should have to face the new situation and posture? And we should use what kind of slogan and goals to guide and encourage? Creating "tens of billions of Yabang", "No.1 in China" is obviously not suitable for old Yabang industries.

Here, with colleagues to discuss the new slogan and goals: "10 billion industry", "tens of billions of enterprises", "tens of billions of products", "an industry first in the world.


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