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  • On Jan.09, in the region "wider to the outside world, increase effective input" mobilization and commendation General Assembly, Yabang Group again named the "large taxpayer Award" by regional party committee and government, and chairman Xu Xiaochu was awarded "outstanding entrepreneurs title” in WuJin area.
  • On April 04, in Wujin District "increase effective input in the first stars and enterprises promotion the recognition" meeting, Yabang Group was awarded "five-star business honorary title by regional party committee and government
  • On April 10. Wujin District in the integrity of law-abiding patriotic dedication on the advanced deeds and contributions to the recognition of the General Assembly, the group was Yabang District Chamber of Commerce and Industry and District Chamber of Commerce once again granted a "patriotic dedication integrity of law-abiding contribution to the" advanced member company.
  • On April.28 State Ministry of Science and Technology Ma Songde, vice minister of science and technology of Jiangsu Province director of the Office of WANG Yong-shun, Changzhou City Technology Bureau Zhangyuejuzhang Group I and his entourage to carry out "high-tech enterprises in Changzhou City research.
  • On May.08, Chemical Medicine in Wujin District Chamber of Commerce to set up the General Assembly, the small-company board of directors elected to the beginning of Wujin District Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association’s first president.
  • "Yabang" brand won the 2007-2008 Jiangsu Province major cultivating and developing the export brand , which marks the status and reputation in the international market.
  • On July 5, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the provincial SME Bureau, the Provincial Statistics Bureau, the State Statistics Bureau of Jiangsu Survey Organization, the provincial trade and industry in the Federation jointly held a press conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province issued the 2006 top 100 private enterprises, the Group I The company ranked 34, ranking than in 2005 jumped ranking.
  • On Aug.06, the National Association of Industry and Commerce in Beijing announced the 2006 National Association of Industry and Commerce on the scale of the top 500 private enterprises, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. No.116.
  • On Aug.20, "Yabang" trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office as "Famous Chinese Trademark".
  • On Sep.10, in Wujin regional party committee and government held to celebrate the first 23 Teacher’s Day and commended the General Assembly, the Group Chairman Xu Xiaochu was awarded the glorious title.
  • On Oct.16, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. by the National Science and Technology as "national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises.
  • On Nov 18, Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. wholly-owned acquisition of Changzhou brilliant Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • On Nov.24, "Yabang" brand disperse dyes was named "China’s Yangtze River Delta region • excellent brand," At the same time, Yabang Group also was named "2007 outstanding brand enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta".
  • In December, the Jiangsu Yabang Medical Logistics Centre Ltd in Jiangsu Province by the Association of modern logistics in 2007 asTop 50 logistics enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

  • On Jan.10,Group donated 10 million to establish "Yabang millions of glory Fund”.
  • On Feb.05, Group was named changzhou city party committee and government as "a four-star enterprises in Changzhou City," Xu XIaochu, chairman was awarded the "Changzhou Star entrepreneurs.
  • On Feb.24 Jiangsu Yabang Dye Co., Ltd. is incorporated, Xu Xudong is chairman, general manager is Yinyun.
  • In March,Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was named as “four-star enterprises" title.
  • On March.30,Provincial Food and Drug Administration Ye Yao-yu, deputy director of medical research Jiangsu Yabang Logistics Centre Limited Site.
  • On Apr.10, Yabang" trademark was named Jiangsu famous brand.
  • On Apr.11, Fan Yanqing, secretary of Changzhou Party Committee, Party Secretary Chen Ruiqing in Wujin,  accompanied by Xu Weinan went to watch construction projects progress of Jiangsu Yabang medical logistics centre.
  • On Apr.11, Group was granted "large taxpayer Award" and "The Industrial Development Award",by Wujin regional party committee and government Hui, chairman Xu Xiaochu was named " Wujin District outstanding entrepreneurs ".
  • On Apr.27, Yabang medical logistics centre project was included in the key projects in Jiangsu Province.
  • On Jun.06, Changzhou Private enterprises standardization locale conference was held in group company.
  • On Jul.25,Warden Xu Weinan went to research in group company.
  • On Aug.02,Group charitable funds donated 10 million yuan, was elected chairman of the early Hui Wujin District, vice president of Charity
  • On Sep.03, Jiangsu Yabang Medical Logistics Centre Limited acquired successfully 80 percent stake of Wujin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • On Sep.20, Provincial People’s Congress study team to research group.
  • On Nov.06 Under the leadership of Mayor Miao Ruilin and chaieman zhang Xinshi, Suqian party and government delegation of the Communist Party to the study group company
  • Group Company were rated as Jiangsu key 100 cultivating enterprises.
  • In the middle of December,Zhangzhou Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. "Yabang" brand unsaturated polyester resins Fujian Provincial People’s Government was recognized as "brand-name products in Fujian Province"
  •  On December.31, Xu Xiaochu was elected as the first president ChangzhouPetrochemical Industry Association, Changzhou City Chamber of Commerce oil and chemical industries.
  • On Apr.10, Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received the approval of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, made the import and export right of self-employed, as more companies enter the international market of products opened up a broad world.
  • In the early of April, Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in NiuTang planed to establish Yabang Wuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in Changzhou, It will run on Sep.01.
  • Xu Xiaochu, chairman of Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was rated as the township entrepreneurs。        
  • Changzhou in the first Zhujiao Hui Changzhou International Exhibition Centre. Housing Industry Corp. in the building of the "Hong Kong Hua Ting" was "the most favorite people in 2004 the outstanding event of" honorary title.
  • Changzhou Yabang Kang farmers Chemical Co., Ltd. is incorporated in WuJin.
  • Early August, Changzhou Yabangkelong Chemical Co., Ltd. was the new North District of Changzhou City Foreign Trade Bureau and the new North Industry, the approval of a formal change to Sino-foreign joint venture Changzhou Yabang Kang Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd. is incorporated in WuJin
  • According to the company long-term development strategy, has been formed to expand the protection of intangible assets, Yabang licensing dye in Egypt, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Vietnam six countries for the international registration of trademarks, brand-depth international market Yabang To enhance the international reputation.

  • As Yang Jian, president of the corporation, Zhang Wenjun, vice chairman of the group with no president. January 29 Changzhou Yabang large pharmacies Limited operating quality management standard certification.
  • Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. eye drops, capsules access to medicines GMP certificates.
  • Wen Shi Jin as chairman of the Housing Industry Corp., the newly appointed Song Juexin as general manager, Xu Jian-Gang as supervisor.
  • Changzhou Yabang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established, mainly produced 1 – Nitro anthraquinone.
  • Group held the 10th anniversary of the establishment and promotion as a state-level group to celebrate the General Assembly.
  • Changzhou Yabang dye Limited Company through Lloyd’s ISO9001 quality management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
  • The chainman Xu Xiaochu won the " Jiangsu outstanding private entrepreneurs"
  • Sino-US joint venture Changzhou Yabang Qi Hui established Chinese medicine Chemical Co., Ltd., the main insecticide production of veterinary drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials High intermediates.
  • Yabang antenna site in Changzhou factory was shifted to XilinTown and the operated smoothly.
  • The group company was identified as one of key supporting private science and technology enterprise by Provincal Science and Technology Department.
  • Group of the Ministry of additional development and investment, Tang Kam-
  • Yabang post-doctoral research station ceremony held
  • Jiangsu ring for water Yabang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. through the GSP certification.
  • Group headquarters staff fully implement performance appraisal system.
  • Headquarters staff carry out the new retirement management approach
  • Changzhou City, synthetic materials plant products anthraquinone dyes intermediates Division I first "national industrial production permit”
  • Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 10 products through the GMP authentication
  • Group held scientific and technological personnel commended the General Assembly, the 18 science and technology workers were commended
  • Group of rectification, expansion of the Ministry of Welfare, the establishment of packaging workshop
  • Group 17 old and new products through the provincial environmental protection acceptance
  • Li Xiaoping, head of the Wujin District of the relevant ministries, commissions,leading to the convening of Division I-site office, the meeting which decided to set up Yabang Group as the leading Yabang Industrial Park, 2000 acres of land planning
  • Zhangzhou Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. held opening ceremony.
  • Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. got the GMP authentication
  • Housing Industry Corp. in the development of the "Hong Kong Monte Vista," a grand opening
  • 11 products of  Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. got the GMP authentication
  • Group  industrial sales reached 2.45 billion yuan, and stroke into one of the Top 50 in China’s petrochemical industry.
  • Co-opted Liuxiang Yi, Yang Jian, director of Yuan-ping for the company, Xu Jian-Gang Group elected supervisors
  • Xiang Shuixian acquired wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies and changed its name to Jiangsu ring for water Yabang Medicine Limited
  • Holding the stake,buy the Binghai Town chemical plant,changed its name to Yancheng Yabang Nan Jing Chemical Co.,Ltd
  • Holding the stake established Jiangsu Yabang drug R & D Co.,Ltd in Nanjing,
  • Dye related enterprises to the reorganization of assets, the company was placed under unified management professional dye
  • Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group was set up. holding a Xuancheng, Anhui Yabang Chemical Co.,Ltd
  • Yabang Group from Jiangsu stock cooperative system for regulating limited liability company and changed its name to Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., established Yabang Chemical Group.
  • Zhangzhou in Fujian Province set up Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 50,000 tons of unsaturated polyester resins
  • Industrial Institute and the Jiangsu school level and all-round cooperation
  • Wujin formation of synthetic drugs, engineering and technology research center
  • wholly-owned investYabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Lianyungang, and transfer 4,000 acres of state land
  • Anhui Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired all the equity partner
  • spend 126.5 million yuan, the transferee Huarong company in Changzhou in the Housing Industry Corp. 54.65 percent stake, the Group entered the real estate industry.
  • Technology Center Corporation was identified as provincial-level technology center.
  • Coastal acquired wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies and changed its name to the county, Jiangsu Yabang Health margin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • acquisition of Xiangshui Xian wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies and changed its name to Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
  • Wholly-owned acquisition of Jiangsu Linhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.. • acquisition of Jintan wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies and changed its name to Changzhou Yabang large pharmacies Limited.
  • wholly-owned acquisition of Jiangsu Red Eagle Industrial Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Nantong Yabang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Group was identified as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
  • Changzhou Dye Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Changzhou Yabang veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. was established .
  • Group natural person thirdly  transfered 10 percent stake of NiuTang Industry Company. Government withdraw all the stake.It is from township enterprises into private enterprises
  • Yabang Changzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. Was established.
  • Changzhou Wujin Yabang Medicine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established .
  • wholly-owned pharmaceutical factory and the third acquisition of Changzhou shift the site of the altar changed its name to the new economic development zone in Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • invest 50 million yuan to implement the post-dye technical transformation project.
  • Zhang Wenjun as president of the corporation, Wen Shi Jin, president of the company, vice chairman of the board.

  • In July,the establishment of Changzhou City Yabang Institute of Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., engage in research and development of the second category new medicine.

  • Wen Shi Jin as president of the group.
  • Group natural  person secondly transferee 25% stake of NiuTang Industry Company Group.
  • Get Lloyd’s company ISO9002 quality system authetication.
  • In July,Group and its subsidiaries conducted a comprehensive joint-stock cooperative system and the shareholding system reform,
  • Xu Xiaochun,and other 9 atural persons transfered 65 percent stake of NiuTang Industry Company.
  • In December,Group resin plant restructuring, established Jiangsu Yabang Paint Co.,Ltd.
  • In January,Shanghai Yabang property is set up in Shanghai..
  • In February, Yabang group invest and set up Anhui Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. in Tongling  Anhui Province, which produces dyes and intermediates..
  • Wujin County Niutang Ma Su plant, Wujin County Niutang stainless steel plant’s assets were allocated to group, changing its name to Changzhou City Yabang antenna factory.
  • Changzhou synthetic materials plant began to get involved in production of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate materials.
  • Changzhou synthetic materials plant got import and export right.
  • Changzhou City, synthetic materials to plant as the core, established in Jiangsu Yabang Group, Hui newly appointed chairman and managing director.
  • Change their operational mechanism, the full implementation of risk mortgage contract system.
  • Changzhou glass steel mills, Niutang electroplating factories, Wujin Niutang  second second chemical plants’overall asset allocated to the group.
  • Changzhou Synthetic material factory, Linjiang branch is set up..
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